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What Are "Coaching Sessions?"

| September 26, 2017

How do we approach financial planning for our clients?

Here is just one of the many questions we receive in our inboxes. We’ll change the names to include our favorite couple, Joe and Sandy. Here it goes as follows:

“My wife and I are at a bit of an epiphany point where we are looking for someone to review our financial position as we sneak up on retirement. We are 55 and are pretty cash heavy. Recently I have been released from my job and am considering options that range over a number of opportunities. Obviously getting an expert view of our retirement position is important though I am thinking more of a Certified Financial Planner relationship that considers our cash, investment, tax and insurance positions. I have listened to the radio show on retirement a time or two and find it valuable. I wasn't certain however if the range of needs I am looking for are things you truly specialize in.”

So how do we respond to these emails? It’s simple. We offer EVERY person who calls or emails us the opportunity to engage in a cost-free and obligation free Coaching Session with Erin and me.

Our firm takes a comprehensive approach to retirement planning. Our goal is to design a game plan for your cash flow needs and also designing a portfolio that will work towards meeting those needs – this includes, but is not limited to - considering the tax implications of distributions, how to incorporate the current financial products you currently, taking a look at your current health insurance plan, and working with you to stay on track as things come up.